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Team Zombie Evolution 4.0 drag Spec

Team Zombie Evolution 4.0 drag Spec

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***Drag Spec come with 30mm rotor

Our updated design boasts the largest alloy insulator in the RC industry and allows for instant amp draw (full throttle) from the esc transfer. This minimizes heat trapped and allows for maximum output as the voltage to the copper wire pushes the power all the way to the rotor. Our uniquely designed, one-piece, alloy motor can has vents to cool down the alloy insulator and rotor, and cover most of the stator area. The timing endbell side also has vents to cool the motor for some of the offroad chassis application.

Coil wounding:

The traditional way to run a motor with the minimal power loss throughout a race is to have a low IR copper wire wounding craftsmanship. This requires professional labor, time and quality control because, as a motor heats up, its power drops. To combat this, some racers use a higher capacity battery pack to push the motor. The problem with this "solution" is that it upsets the balance of the chassis, particularly mid-motor chassis balance, and slows run time.



Evo’s new stator design giving the most linear power rather than rely on rotor’s magnet to achieve a rough power curve and high amp draw, especially the stock racing rules most are in blinky mode , the linear power is what differentiates a good or an average motor as it can connect to the driver’s throttle control at a very fine level.

Customized 1.8mm diameter steel screw to minimize the effect of drilling the 3 stator areas for the mounting screws and minimize power loss while the stator’s empty screw insert area had removed.

Cooling concept:

Motors can be having different characteristics from the first lap to the end of the race, from a motor’s perspective this is mainly due to the heat caused the difference. Team Zombie’s concept is to design the motor to have the smallest temperature difference throughout the race by having the stator mostly covered by aluminium CNC motor case for maximum heat dissipation rather than saving a few grams to expose the whole stator’s surface. Extra-large vents in the perfect places over the motor for the external cooling device such as (maximum cooling with Hollow Evo cooling system) to push the wind directly to the rotor without any barrier which is the main component generates heat. The all-new timing end bell design also has vents to cool the rotor, especially for offroad buggy due to the chassis design that can only mount the fan behind the end bell. Pinion side of the motor we decided to have a solid flat surface to have the maximum heat dissipation to the motor mount. 

Sensor timing dynamic:

Sensor’s location directly link to the motor’s performance, 3 major components (Sensor, rotor, and stator) must be synchronized to achieve the best performance which is having the best working distance between the rotor and the sensor without dragging together or too far for the sensor detecting the rotor and at the same time we must let the rotor sit in the free flow sweet spot inside the stator or it won’t generate the highest performance.


We are not the lightest in the market due to the design is not weight based and we notice mid-motor touring cars do need add weight to the motor side so we keep at the range of 150g. 

Designed in the UK, where is the most intense battle with different brands in BRCA championships (we won the following battles in:

BRCA 13.5 BLINKY WIN + 3rd
EWS 13.5 BLINKY WIN + 3rd


Other features:

· 2mm thick Ultra Low Resistance Solder Tabs

· High precision ball bearing

· Weight (150g avg)  

ROAR (13.5-25.5 turn) TBC

BRCA/EFRA approved (13.5-21.5 turn)

ROAR Modified  (3.5-10.5 turn)